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Manny the Super Manatee journeys around the world with his friends O.M.I. Bot, Boltphin, and M’chu as they strive to unite the different people of the world against the greed that’s destroying the environment… While tasting all the kinds of lettuce around the planet!

Manny may be stubborn, but he’s a manatee who really believes in himself—maybe even too much, which can sometimes land him in trouble. But he’s known the importance of having a clean environment ever since he lost his family thanks to the pollution of the Great Estuary, and now he’s determined to share that message far and wide.


He’s a wise cracker and go-getter—for him nothing is impossible. That’s why The Spirits of Earth gave him the Power of Positivity. When Manny says the magic words “I can, I can, yes I can,” he unleashes his power and overcomes anything that’s causing him problems.


Of course, he also loves to prank his friend O.M.I. Bot and drive him crazyyyyyyy.

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Soon Manny The Game!!!

Manny’s fun facts:

- Manny was created in 1989 when Tommy González was 10 years old and his family took refuge during Hurricane Hugo that destroyed their house and devastated the island of Puerto Rico.


- Manny was Puerto Rico’s first animated TV series.

- Manny’s game is coming to the Google Play Store.


- In 2005 Manny was first published as a comic book.


- Manny was almost called Moises.