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Mona deals with the normal problems that kids with separated parents have, and enjoys the uniqueness of each one.

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Mona’s parents are not together anymore. But they have made a pact to show her that whatever happened between them doesn’t matter, that they are going to love her anyway. Every weekend, they show her the greatest adventures of her life. With an explorer dad and a paranormal investigator mom, Mona has the most amazing childhood ever!

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Mona loves and enjoys what each of her parents have to offer. She has the best of both of her parents: the focus of her mother, the dynamic personality of her father. Combine that with curiosity, passion and a joyful attitude and you have Mona—a fun-loving kid with a hunger to know more and love more. She is always with her beloved pet ghost Chamchuh. And she has an arsenal of gadgets that assists her in her adventures. She has her magic compass (a gift from her father) so that she will never get lost, the Phantom Amulet (a gift from her mother) to help her speak with ghosts, and her googly goggles to help her see in dark and extra-dimensional places.

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